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Food Garden Design

Garden team at WWF

Inspire the team, improve productivity and well-being

A place for your team to recharge and boost physical, emotional and intellectual well-being.

With nature at work, food gardens attract wildlife to pollinate fruit trees, creating a living ecosystem. It's a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the surroundings at lunchtime or for an outdoor meeting. Rather than the traditional 'office plants' we offer a new level of interaction and engagement for work place teams.

The benefits of a garden are long term:

  • Restorative employee health
  • Reduce stress and boost morale
  • Opportunities for team building
  • Improved productivity, product quality and customer satisfaction
  • A focus on sustainability in the workplace
  • Food, flowers and herbs for kitchen ingredients, BBQ's and cocktail parties!

To find out more, in the first instance please contact us:

Tel: 0207 097 3819