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About Us

Seed Pantry is on a mission to get everyone growing more plants, food and flowers, to enjoy the rewards of nature and the health benefits plants bring to your life, wherever you live.

Our products

Seed Pantry delivers to your door monthly gardening subscription boxes for growing food and flowers at the right time. One off boxes and grow kits are also available and indoor hydroponic growing devices for kitchen ingredients.

Seed Pantry boxes are designed for both novice and experienced plant growers to enjoy fresh healthy food, plants and flowers, in tune with the seasons, delivered at the right time. We tailor for any size spaces, indoors and out.

Growing your own fresh ingredients to eat will give you the best fresh, healthy and nutritious flavours for the kitchen. Seeing your own flowers grow provides a great sense of well-being and satisfaction.

Ethics and ethos

Seed Pantry provides quality and sustainable products with a great service for our customers. We want to have a minimal impact on the environment, so our goal is for everything to be either organic, bio-degradable, recycled (including the packaging), recyclable, or should be used for a lifetime - like your favourite trowel!

We want nature to work for you in a sustainable way without creating unfriendly waste. We are a start-up with a fresh approach and are always looking for ways to improve what we do. We will keep you posted on developments as we go and always welcome any feedback you want to give.

Who's behind Seed Pantry - what's the story?

Seed Pantry is a start-up created through the vision of Neil Whitehead who wanted to grow veg in his, first floor!, small flat in Shepherds Bush - London. Not knowing where to start, and dusty old garden centers lacking inspiration, he founded Seed Pantry to deliver everything needed to create your own food garden. Since this Seed Pantry has expanded to offer a wide range of food and flowers via monthly subscription boxes to your door, along with indoor hydroponic food growing technology and a wonderful range of retail 'on the high street' products for growing plants.

The business is now run by an innovative team, passionate about plants, horticulture, design, technology and gardening. The people who work at Seed Pantry help provide a great service for customers with a strong focus on honesty and treating people fairly.

With his family Neil grows his own plants, flowers and quality nutritious ingredients to cook with and they love helping out too!

Love plants!

Neil - Seed Pantry Founder.