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What will I get each month?

Each month you select 6 items for your box and we send you the best seasonal food and flowers to grow at the right time of the year. You choose your box items based on your preferences of food to eat or flowers to grow or both! or you can let us surprise you each time with our own special selection.

Being a member of the Seed Pantry grow club you can expect to receive carefully and beautifully curated boxes, with a new grow theme each month, that can include; special offers, free gifts and 'you choose' options for food plants, spring, summer and autumn flowering bulbs for pots and gardens inside or out, microgreen kits, succulent/cactus plants for indoor growing, flower seeds and vegetable seeds to grow the best fresh food. All your choices are delivered before you need to grow them at the right time. We'll send you easy, 10 minute task guides, background on plants and varieties, discover new plants as they come to market and follow the latest trends in gardening all year round.

Grow indoors or outdoors, on your balcony, in your garden, in pots and containers or veg patches and borders, all designed for your beautiful small or larger spaces at home.

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